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The following is a list of eligible business types:
  • Automobile Dealerships 
  • Boat Dealerships
  • Finance Companies
  • Motorcycle Dealerships
  • RV Dealerships
** Please note that Finance Companies can only pull from Experian and
     they must be related to an Automobile Sales Company.
Membership Cost
The cost to become a member of e-CBI is a one-time setup fee (each bureaus fee is listed below) and a minimum charge of $25 per month for Trans Union and Experian and $50 per month for Equifax. If you pull inquiries that total more than the minimum, then that fee will not apply.

How To Sign Up
To apply for membership, you may either print out the necessary documents and applications below or call us at 800-526-5832 to have them faxed or mailed to you. You may also contact us via e-mail to receive these applications. You will then need to fill out the applications and return them to us with your membership fee. If you need membership to more than one bureau, please include that in your check amount. After receiving your applications and membership fee(s), we will proceed with obtaining the membership number from the bureau for you (a new member number is required for e-CBI even if your company is already a member). Once approved, your company will receive a new member number. You will then be billed monthly for the number of inquiries you pull. If you do not pull any inquiries in a given month, you will receive an invoice for the minimum. Itís that simple!

Documents And Applications
All forms are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader software. You can download Adobe Reader for free by clicking on the link at the right.

 Print and fill out either one of the following below per Credit Bureau(s):

Trans Union
* If you get both Experian & Trans Union at once, it will be $150 only, not $300.

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